Disclaimer: If you noticed, WalkaboutCity hasn't been updated since April 2000. The site was left up because we are proud to call Mobile our home. We use the site to show off our old historical buildings of our once beautiful downtown area. I'm sorry to say, some of the businesses are no longer in business and some of the menus are no longer up-to-date. It will be up to you to contact the business, if there is a phone number on the page, you may have to find this information on your own. Also, we've received a lot of email from people thinking we either work for the City of Mobile or this is a city owned website, it isn't. Further note: the walkaboutCity email address found on the bottom of the page "IS Not" affiliated with the businesses. It doesn't do any good emailing us asking us about services or products found on the businesses on our site, we are unable to contact them for you.

You will need to directly contact the business by looking their number up and calling them, sorry to say but most of businesses do not have an email address.