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  1. (d) all the above.
  2. (c) Puerto Rico.
  3. Mississippi
  4. No, it is a fish
  5. (c) back fin or lump meat.
  6. (a) 155-175 tails (5 x 31 = 155 and 5 x 35 = 175).
  7. False Gulf Shrimp live one to two years.
  8. True. Blue Point, cape Cod, Chincoteague, Apalachicola, Malpecque, Kent Island and Indian River oysters are all eastern oysters.
  9. False. Freshwater crawfish is also eaten in the soft shell state.
  10. The squid. In fact, a Nobel Prize was awarded for work on this invertebrate.
  11. Fulton Fish Market.
  12. Purse seining, long lining and pole fishing.
  13. Trawl.
  14. In pots.
  15. Soft shell blue crab
  16. Merus.
  17. Generally. The idea that oysters are unsafe in the summer started in the summer started before refrigeration was widely available and before contamination was regularly monitored.
  18. They have a hollow ring when tapped, or they continue to gape when handled.
  19. True.
  20. (a) broiled Atlantic cod fillet.
  21. (b) pan frying.
  22. Oyster Rockefeller.
  23. (b) grits and grunts.
  24. Jonathan Swift. King James I of England made a similar (earlier) statement: “He was a bold man who first swallowed an oyster.”
  25. (b) slightly less salty than sea water.
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