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David Brenner is probable best known for guest-hosting and his numerous appearances (158) on "The Tonight Show." He continues to regularly appear on the "Late Show With David Letterman," "Late Night With Conan O'Brien," "Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahar," and just about every other talk show on television. "The Book of Lists #2" recognized Brenner's popularity by citing him as the "Number one most frequent guest on television".

Brenner was born and reared in the tough, poor sections of South and West Philadelphia. As a kid, Brenner was a gang leader who used humor as a powerful weapon. In high school, he was elected class president each year and "class comedian." He then went to Temple University where he graduated with honors, majoring in mas communications.

Before stepping on stage, Brenner enjoyed a successful career behind the camera as the writer/producer/director of 115 documentary films and headed the distinguished documentary departments of both Westinghouse Broadcasting and Metromedia Broadcasting. Brenner's documentary work earned him a total of nearly thirty awards and citations including an Emmy Award.

Brenner added another dimension to his career by writing his autobiography entitled SOFT PRETZELS WITH MUSTARD. The bestseller, which contained anecdotal accounts from Brenner's life, went into multiple hardcover and paperback printings. The success from the first book inspired the publisher to sign Brenner to a multiple book deal.

Presently, Brenner is at work on his hew HBO Special: "David Brenner: Live and Dangerous," which will be broadcast live from The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on February 19th 2000. David has also recently sold a screenplay to Funny Business Films.

David, who still performs his stand-up for audiences in all fifty states, currently resides in Los Angeles, California with Elizabeth Slater and their three sons Cole, Slade and Wyatt.