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Story telling, done well, with intelligence and humor, was fast becoming a lost art ... until GRANT TURNER happened upon the scene.

His road to comedic stardom began at an amateur comedy showcase in an Atlanta pizza parlor. Until then, the handsome young University of Georgia Journalism major was enjoying life as a successful advertising man by day and coping with being a frustrated writer and comic by night. However, once the performer was allowed to take over, there was no stopping him. His smooth, story telling style, punctuated by his optimistic ... and hilarious parodies of southern characters, brought down the house.

A subsequent interview with one of Atlanta's top entertainment weeklies quoted him as saying that he would "like to pursue comedy full time someday." Someday was that day. He was fired.

What any of his colleagues would have viewed as a setback was used by the talented and resourceful Mr. Turner as an opportunity to explore his chances of becoming a professional standup. Within six months, he was an opening act in Atlanta's brand new PUNCHLINE, winning the Great Southeastern Laff-Off, performing his unique style of facially manic, observational and perceptive humor.

Since then, Grant has been a regular at the IMPROV nationwide and gas appeared on A&E'S IMPROV TONIGHT, EVENING AT THE IMPROV and COMEDY ON THE ROAD. More recently he took the ASPEN COMEDY FESTIVAL in Colorado, by storm. His success there earned him a television contract with the DISNEY organization.

One of the highlight on Grant's performance is the appearance of old friend, RICKY MOKEL. It is through Ricky that Grant provides hilarious, sometimes twisted insights into modern life in general and current events in particular. Turner's sophistication and intelligence, combined with the "naive-yet-worldly, wise-with-a-side-order-of-backwoods-simplicity" Mokel, has been delighting audiences from coast to coast, most recently on the Nashville Network's PRIME TIME COUNTRY.

GRANT TURNER still brings the house to its feet at corporate speaking engagements with his hilarious seminar spoof, "Improving the Way We Improve," as TOM BUTTERS, as well as clubs and TV appearances.

The "Art" of great story telling is alive and well and very, very funny. Just ask any member of GRANT TURNERS audience!