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Rodney Carrington ....If you could bottle Rodney Carrington's hilariously raw, aggressive, outlandish East Texas humor, it would probably come with a warning label of some kind. Like maybe:


Contents include high octane,

politically incorrect, occasionally even X-rated




May make you

(sometimes in spite of yourself!!!)

Granted, Rodney Carrington, a five-foot, seven-inch banty rooster of a good o'boy from Longview, Texas, does indeed speak with a drawl and wear a cowboy hat. And he is funny as hell.

But let's set the record straight up front: He's no Ray Stevens, he's not Jerry Clower, and he's definitely no Jeff Foxworthy. Nope, Carrington is altogether a bird of a different feather.

"Nobody influenced me and I don't think there's anybody like me, " he asserts with typical self-assurance.

Above all else, Carrington, whose second major label album has just been released on Platinum Nashville, gates comparisons - which is just as well. His sidesplitting, frightfully graphic, yet immensely playful brand of extreme comedy pretty outrageous, he's thoroughly unadulterated and unreconstructed. He makes no apologies takes no prisoners and revels in his political incorrectness. In the outlandish yarns and off-color anecdotes he spins there are few favored oxen that don't get gored, and even fewer sacred cows that don't get sliced into rib steaks.

"I realized early on that I'm not gonna please everybody, and I don't intend to, "he says with good-natured defiance. "I enjoy what I'm doing, and fortunately there's a lot of people out there who love it, too."


Rodney Carrington "LIVE"

"C'mon, Laugh You Bastards!"
(the prequel album)

Featuring material from the early years of Rodneyism!

Updated 8/10/99

Although his newest release "Live" on the Platinum Nashville label follows Carrington's hugely successful "Hangin' With Rodney", it was actually recorded first, in 1995, and features material as yet unheard by many of his current fans. As Rodney states, "Hell, the trend in movies now is to release the sequel first, so figured why not music? I guess you could call this the prequel CD!"

"Live" is destined to become a Rodney Carrington collectors' treasure, Fans that have been clamoring for "new" Carrington product will be thrilled to experience as yet unreleased material recorded as it happened on-stage in Charlotte, NC at the Comedy Zone, during an era Rodney jokingly refers to as the "Beenie Weenie Years". " Live" definitely captures the 'raw' Rodney so to speak. It contains material that'll sneak up on you and sucker punch you, have you roaring with laughter before you even know what hit you, You will also experience that special rush of recognition and familiarity that comes when you slap your side and tell yourself, "Boy, ain't that just the way it is! I've sure been there before!"

Rodney's first music video "Dancin' With a Man" is currently still airing on cable channels such as Great American Country. Famous comic Carrot Top who is also Rodney's good natured friend, plays a hysterical role as the "woman" in the song which has been voted best video several times since its release last year. A new video of the song "Fred" has just been syndicated radio personalities, Bob & Tom.

Again and again, Rodney Carrington, in his own weird, shoot-from-the-hip, hilariously demented way, manages, for better or worse, to bring us face to face with public posturing and pretense. It damned sure ain't always pretty, but it's damn sure real,and it's a whole lotta of fun.

"What I do best is make people laugh, "he insists. "There's no b.s. or hidden messages around what I do, and like I said, I've got no apologies for it. My main message is: Lighten up! Don't be so serious about stuff! Enjoy yourself, for God's sake! Life is entirely too short!"

As you give Carrington a lightlhearted listen, you may well find yourself spending quite a bit more of your life laughing!

Toss your pretenses and political correctness out the window!
"C'mon, Laugh You Bastards"!!!

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