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Everybody else may love Raymond-comedian comedian Ray Romano, star of his own TV series on CBS-but we have a soft spot in our hearts for his opening act, Raleigh comic Steve Gelder (pictured above). Not only I Gelder funny, his act is so clean that he's been featured in Kidville News. " A mention in the upcoming entertainment pages would certainly tickle my Elmo, "he told us. Consider your Elmo tickled, Steve. Susan Houston ~ The Independent, May '97

Stand-up comic loves the stage

Gelder sets sights on TV by Claire Cusick Raleigh Extra staff

Your car's in the shop, and the rental agency assigns you the smallest car imaginable - a bright yellow Geo Metro. Add insult to injury when you see your dream date blow by you on the Beltline in a cool Jaguar XJ6.

The ensuing battle against the car's three-cylinder engine in pursuit of possible true love is one of those times, when you look back on it, that might make you chuckle.

That story - or maybe a slightly altered version of it - happened to Raleigh comedian Steve Gelder, And when he shows you how he bent his 6-foot frame into that Geo, and gunned the accelerator for all it was worth, you'll laugh with him - or at least at him.