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Nice job!


I've given you three links under the following NetLink topics:

Businesses & Shopping

Maps & Transportation



I don't give these out very often, but your site is worthy of an About.com

Best of the Net award. Feel free to download it and display it on one of

your pages.


Next Friday, I'll mention your site in my weekly newsletter.


Semper Fidelis,

Joe Sackett





Enjoyed looking at your site! Great job!  Are you going to also list

historical information about Mobile on it?


Stephen A

Mobile, Alabama





I found your website by accident, but I love it!  I

am a merchant on Dauphin Street, and am

very interested in things that promote our

downtown.  As I strolled down Dauphin Street,

I am impressed, especially with Le'Strad. 


Good Job!


John A




I would like to thank you for providing we "Mobilians" with such a wonderful

opportunity to shine. Move over Atlanta.From:   Julie M

Sent:     Tuesday, August 03, 2000 10:39 AM

To:       service@walkaboutcity.com

Subject:            Congratulations





Hi Joann...This a a great idea!  I want to know if it will be where web

users can see everything, or only comps.?  I want to send the addy to

all my friend in other cities... would like for them to see where I

live....which is Cathedral Place Apartments, here on Cathedral Square.

I can't seem to locate it though...Please let me know.

Oh, btw...we eat at Spot Of Tea a Lot!  Really love it!


From: Todd




I was looking at your site in Mobile and would like to know how much it

will cost to have my Mobile business listed on your site. I am not in

Mobile yet but we are on our way.


Bob R





I would appreciate information regarding the Museum and the Nicholas and

Alexandra exhibit and Bellingrath Gardens, more particularly.  I would also

like any other information you may have regarding local points of interest

in Mobile.  We're planning on taking a train there on a Friday and

returning to New Orleans on Sunday evening.  Any information you may have

re hotels/motels that are easily accessible to the museum would be great.

We're planning on renting a car so a motel downtown would be preferable.

We're planning on coming in late September early October.





Subject:            WOW!


Greetings from the Mobile Convention & Visitors Corporation!  Dusty

Harris was just in my office and showed me this fabulous up and coming

website!  I think we need to get together to discuss how we can help

each other make Mobile easily accessible to vistors and locals alike.



Katy S

Mobile Convention & Visitors Corporation





Subject:            walkaboutcity


Too cool!  The graphics are lovely...did you take pictures of the buildings

first then do graphical representation? Or go down there and sketch them?

Good job.  and great idea....

Love the sail boat!  I bet a lot of businesses in Fairhope or Daphne will

want to get on there too.

I'll be checking back!





To:       service@walkaboutcity.com


Dear Joann,


You are right. Once "Walkaboutcity.com" is finished it will be the coolest

site around. And it's pretty cool now!

I visited through the link at WTNM's site.


As a webmaster myself, I'm impressed with the work you've done. I'm

developing a timeline in similar fashion and love the concept.







Subject:            Congratulations


A co-worker told me about our site after hearing about it on the news this am. I checked it out and we think you are on to something hot!! As local Mobilians who are internet junkies and who love to eat and party downtown, we thank you for adding a little class to it with your work! We will be sure to let our out of town business guests know about it. I also congratulate you on your search engine listing. My friend couldn't remember your exact site name but thought she knew something close. She was very close! I used alta vista and look what came up-- You are all over the place! Good luck and once again, congratulations!


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1. Mobile Entertainment

  Mobile Entertainment Map. Dauphin Street District- browse the map and click to enter any of our many restaurants, nightclubs, stores, museums, and...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/entertainment.htm

  Last modified 16-May-99 - page size 2K - in English [ Translate ]

  2. Downtown Mobile

  Downtown Mobile, Alabama interactive map. This map takes you right to street level, where you can...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/Downtown_MobileA.html

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  3. Mardi Gras

  Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. Interactive downtown map. This map takes you right to street level, where you can...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/Mardi_GrasA.html

  Last modified 25-Jul-99 - page size 2K - in English [ Translate ]

  4. Dauphin Street Interactive Map

  Dauphin Street in Mobile, Alabama. Interactive downtown map. This map takes you right to Dauphin Street level, where you can...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/Dauphin_StreetA.html

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  5. Mobile Alabama

  Mobile Alabama interactive downtown map. This map takes you right to street level, where you can...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/Mobile_AlabamaA.html

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  6. Walkabout Interactive Map

  Walkabout Mobile, Alabama. Interactive downtown map. This map takes you right to street level, where you can...

  URL: www.walkaboutcity.com/WalkAboutA.html

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