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  1. Monkfish is also known as (a) goosefish (b) poor man’s lobster (c) anglerfish 
    (d) all of the above.
  2. Major U.S. tuna canneries recently relocated from California to (a ) Hawaii (b ) Virgin Islands (c ) Puerto Rico.
  3. Catfish farming is heaviest in the state of
  4. Mahi-mahi (dolphin) a mammal?
  5. The most expensive blue crab meat is (a) claw meat (b) regular body meat (c) back fin or lump meat.
  6. A five pound box of 31-35 count shell-on shrimp tails should contain (a) 155-175 
    (b) 200-225 (c) 225-250 tails.
  7. Gulf of Mexico shrimp are extremely long-lived animals. True or False?
  8. Oysters are often named for the locale where they are harvested. True or False?
  9. The blue crab is the only crustacean that is a delicacy in the soft shell state. True or 
  10. What common shellfish has an optical system so similar to human eyes that it has been used in physiological research?
  11. The largest wholesale seafood market in the United States is the .
  12. Tuna is caught mainly by which three methods?
  13. What fishing method is primarily used to catch shrimp?
  14. How are most crabs and lobsters caught?
  15. Whales, jumbos, primes, hotels and mediums are sizes of .
  16. The largest and thickest leg segment of the king crab and snow crab is called the.
  17. Are oysters safe to eat in month without an “r”?
  18. How can one tell if clams, oysters and mussels are dead?
  19. In general, shellfish have a fat content lower than five percent. True or False?
  20. Which of these has the fewest calories per 100 grams: (a) broiled Atlantic cod fillet 
    (b) boiled shrimp (c) baked chum salmon?
  21. The most commonly used method of fish cookery in the United States is (a) broiling 
    (b) pan frying (c) baking (d) steaming.
  22. The oyster dish which originated at Antoine’s in New Orleans is .
  23. A famous Key West seafood breakfast is (a) tarpon and taters (b) grits and grunts 
    (c) mussels and molasses.
  24. Who is credited with the quote “He was a bold man that first eat the oyster”?
  25. Brackish water is (a) dirty seawater (b) slightly less salty than sea water (c) dirty freshwater.
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