Species Size Limit Bag Limit
  Cobia (Ling) 33 min. FL 2/person
  Florida Pompano 12 min. TL No bag limit.
  Gag grouper 20 min. TL 5/person (all species)
  Greater Amberjack 28 min. FL 1/person (all species)
  King Mackerel 20 min. FL 2/person
  Red Drum (redfish) 16 min./26 max TL 3/person
          Red 15 TL 5/person
          Vermillion (beeliner) 10 TL No bag limit
          Lane 8 TL No bag limit
          Gray (mangrove, black) 12 TL 10/person combined*
          Mutton 12 TL 10/person combined*
          Yellowtail 12 TL 10/person combined*
  Spanish Mackerel No size limit 10/person
  Spotted Seatrout (speckled Trout) 14 min. TL 10/person
  Striped Bass 16 min. TL 6/person
  Tarpon 60 TL $50 tag required for each

*Included all snapper other than red, Vermillion and lane

There is a 20 fish aggregate bag limit for reef fish species for which there is no other bag limit (for example, grants, porgies, triggerfish, lane snapper, beeliner, etc.) Courtesy Division of Marine Resources.

  Species Bait
  Cobia (Ling) live pinfish, jigs
  Florida Pompano live shrimp, jigs, sand fleas
  Gag Grouper live or cut bait or squid
  Greater Amberjack live pinfish or croaker
  King Mackerel cut bait or lures
  Red Drum (Redfish) live shrimp, lures, cut bait
          Red cut bait or squid
          Vermillion (Beeliner) cut bait or squid
          Lane cut bait or squid
          Gray (Mangrove/Black) cut bait or squid
          Mutton cut bait or squid
          Yellowtail cut bait or squid
  Spanish Mackerel various lures
  Spotted Seatrout live shrimp or lures
  Striped Bass live bait
  Tarpon live mullet, live ribbofish